Pooh-poohing common notions of sexuality, Howard pursues beauty from odd angles. Eyebrows are sexy. Talking is sexy. Walking, and how the clothes move is sexy.

The fabric is soft and feminine, luxurious yet comfortable. A woman can take the longest step in it, she can romp around, play, get wrinkly. Beauty is found in the experience of the clothes by the woman.

For Howard, its not the style, its the state.

Howard is a womenswear line designed by Britt Howard.




Britt Howard is a compelling woman with a self-deprecating sense of humor and swift intellect. She gets an idea, many, at the same time, and acts on all of them: immediately, impulsively, from a deep sense of creative fate, and a fearless commitment to the experience. Doing, participating, acting upon the world is at the core of Howard, both for Britt, and the women who wear the line.

Howard is made at Portland Garment Factory, of which Britt is co-owner.