From Howard / by David Greenhill


If you have perused the site and/or read the About Page, by now you have seen the words "pooh-poohing." My eight year-old daughter was alarmed but excited when she found out that others would actually be reading those words. The thing is, I pooh-pooh a lot. I don't have a choice. I shun tradition as if it's a gesture of my subconscious. Baby, I was born this way.

I should point out however, that with Howard it's not just a cynical shove of the regular. A Howard woman is a creature that walks either side of the line with purpose. The spontaneous strategist, the practical performance artist....I hate labels but this woman is out there. Howard is for her.

Thank you for reading this inaugural "From Howard." It felt good to write it! I look forward to formally introducing the monthly Howard on Howard series, the Howard woman posts, as well as sharing perspective from talented contributors.