Leap Year / by David Greenhill

We have the privilege of this extra day once every 4 years so let's celebrate with some Facts About Leap Year:

The leap year mascot is a frog.

Julius Cesar invented leap day in response to the Egyptian astronomers discovery that there are actually 365 1/4 days per year (so every 4 years we "earn" an extra day, how practical...however anyone on an annual salary does not earn extra on a leap year.....hmmmmm).

If you are born on leap year day, you are a "Leapling".

There are 5 million leaplings in the world / I wonder if there are any married leaplings or leapling twins and if so, is there a support group? Read more about the plight of the leapling in this helpful article from The Atlantic.

Christopher Columbus used his knowledge of leap day to manipulate indigenous people of Jamaica into helping his crew with supplies and food by threatening them that God would "paint the moon red" to punish them. You can read more about it on the internet by googling: Christopher Columbus was an utter jack-ass.